Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kids in their own words-craft

I remember when my oldest son was a baby, and I would try to remember every single big hug he gave me, or every cute laugh he made. I can remember sitting for a few minutes and just trying to take in all of those moments as they happened. I can remember snuggling with him as a 2 or 3 yr old, but I can't remember what he was really like at those points in time. His likes, dislikes or what exactly he looked like. It's amazing how you think you will NEVER forget, but now that he is 6, it's getting harder and harder to really remember all those things.

So, with my littlest one, I was having one of those moments the other day where we were playing and giggling, and while I was trying to savore the moment, I had a thought.

I started asking him questions about what his favorite things were. It was like an interview, LOL, but he enjoyed answering in his own words, and was always looking forward to my next question. I started to jot down his answers, and then decided to make a 'Ibrahim in his own words' page. I imagine you could do this for a scrapbook, or even a wall hanging with a nice handprint to go along with it.
I wish I did this with Khalil, but we can always start now. :)
It's fun and cute, especially when it's their OWN answers. Hopefully this can help with remembering the sweet times in their fast, little lives.

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